B i o g r a p h y

This emerging musical artist delivers a combination of R&B, Blues, Jazz and Pop to poetically tell the stories of his life and experiences through truly moving melodies. Raised on the small island of Amelia in north Florida, Gabriel has a unique up bringing with exposure to sandy beaches, intercoastal islands, salty marshes and wooded areas specific to North Florida.

"I Love those moments when you
really connect with an audience,
They can hear what your saying
without using words"

Gabriel performs with local bands and as a soloist on the eastern borders of Florida and Georgia. You may find him sitting in with a local blues band, moving a crowd on a porch alongside a guitar player, performing in lobbies and restaurants, grooving on stage with party bands, swinging in a big band or on the radio in choice retailers while you shop. You may even worship with him while visiting local churches and charity fundraisers.