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Roland AE-30PRO (Aerophone)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Here is my journey with this new instrument.

Although I am new to the aerophone, I am not new to windsynths. I purchased an Akai EWi 4000s after watching a youtube clip of Jeff Kashiwa in 2006 demonstrating what all it can do. I was hooked! I later purchase an Ewi5000 and gave up the 400s which I wish I hadn't after a month of learning the new 5000. This is a documentation of my transition to the Roland AE-50 and to document the differences and share my learning process for others that are interested in these devices. I do not claim to be more than a musical hobbiest even though I do perform publicly often.

Here is the video of Jeff Kashiwa demonstrating the EWi4000s


Order Number ZZ7266178 placed on 12-16-2020 at 1:07pm

I purchased from because I like the No Credit Payment options. I recommend them for musicians who are credit challenged.

February 1, 2021


Why the AE-30?!!!

I have seen many posts online and You Tube with people performing on these smaller Roland and other windsynth devices and none really caught my attention. I have been looking for some better sounds with my EWi5000 but, I don't want to carry all of these other peripheral's. I want it all in the device!

I was on Facebook and watched a video with Alistair Parnell showing a demo of this new AE-30 Aerophone PRO and it caught my attention. The other aerophones looked like toys to me so they didn't catch my eye. I started to look up other videos and came across Keith Mitchell McKelley and his song "Future" and oh my, I was hooked. This would be my replacement for the Akai EWi5000! It had amazing sounds from his video and it seemed easy to play (thanks Keith, you sound amazing). Enjoy his video.....


I know There are so many unboxing videos so here is mine. No fluff.

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